Some thoughts on decent manner in Akiba

“Nobodies are looking at us.” “That person is doing the something.” Despite following those bad cycles, why don’t YOU start to respect town’s manner?

In 2002, Chiyoda-ku established a municipal ordinance called “Safe and Adequate Living Environment Plan in Chiyoda-ku”. Accordance with the ordinance, the municipality sets targets which make the town safer and more pleasant for the citizens, and helps citizens to participate in various related projects.
The map below, the neighborhood area of Akihabara Station, shows an example of this plan. Inside the green line is set as a parking restricted area as well as a secure and clean environment model area. Also, violet dots on the map show that this area is targeted as a strict monitoring area for illegal parking. Do you know that the ordinance also has penalty provisions for those who violate the regulations?
「First, from manner to rule, then rule to manner」
Not as you obey the rule, because there is a rule, but your goodwill to respect manner is now under the question.

秋葉原地区 指定エリア地図

路上禁煙地区、環境美化・浄化推進モデル地区 凡例 Smoking ban area, Secure and clean environment model area
違法駐車防止重点地区  凡例 Strict monitoring area for illegal parking


Prohibited Actions
For repeat violations
For violations against improvement order
All area ・throwing away an empty can or a cigarette end on the street
・leaving an unauthorized billboard
・distribution of an authorized handbill
・leaving a pet’s droppings on the street
・violation of settled living environment
Improvement order
Notification of an offender’s
name and address
Secure and clean environment
model area
・throwing away an empty can or a cigarette end on the street
・leaving an unauthorized billboards
(up to 20,000 yen)
Improvement order
Notification of an offender’s
name and address
Accusation Fine
(up to 50,000 yen)
Smoking ban area smoking on the street
throwing away a cigarette end on the street
(up to 20,000 yen)
Strict monitoring area
for illegal parking
・illegal parking
Regulated by police
※Currently, the fine is usually 2,000 yen.
From “Chiyoda-ku Ordinance on Safe and Adequate Living Environment Plan in Chiyoda-ku“

○Smoking on the street and throwing away a cigarette end are banned
According to the ordinance, Safe and Adequate Living Environment Plan in Chiyoda-ku, smoking and trashing a cigarette end are prohibited all day within the nonsmoking area. An offender to this regulation may face a fine up to 20,000 yen. Currently, the fine is usually charged for 2,000 yen.
Also, it is a citizen’s obligation to not smoke on the street other than the nonsmoking are (the ordinance Article 9.2). In order to keep our town clean, we need to respect the rule.

○Clean Air Restaurant
Chiyoda-ku has encouraged a restaurant to have a nonsmoking area, so that citizens of our city could enjoy meals in a clean and secure place. Chiyoda-ku introduced a registration pass sticker called “Clean Air Restaurant” which is made under the intention of that people could be easily acknowledged nonsmoking eateries. The lists below are some examples of restaurants with the sticker in Akihabara area. We hope that those who are looking for a nonsmoking restaurant could find this sticker useful and could enjoy meals in a clean aired room. We also hope that smokers could realize the sticker, and they could have a little break form smoking habits.

Fully nonsmoking restaurant
Syouei-tei(松榮亭) 2-8, Awaji-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku
Partly nonsmoking restaurant
Nonsmoking section
CAFE MOKO 1-12-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Nonsmoking/underground, mezzanine flour
Smoking/second flour

For registration of the Clean Air Restaurant project, please contact Chiyoda-ku Health Center. Registration is free of charge.

<Clean Air Restaurant Sticker>
Other restaurants and cafes in akihabara area that have nonsmoking section

City of Tokyo as well as municipality of Chiyoda-ku have ordinances to regulate advertisement, such as billboards, flags, posters. The Tokyo Advertisement Ordinance defines advertisement as 1) billboards, standing signboards, posters, ad pillars, etc 2) which put on the public space 3) for a quite long time 4) to target the public to notify specific things. Whether it is for commercial propose or not, any advertisement that follows under the above definition is handled as advertisement, and needs registration before putting on the public places.
For, registration, please contact:
Chiyoda-ku advertisement registration office: At General affairs division, Environment and public works department, Chiyoda-ku municipal office
Address: 1-6-11, Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku


Illegal parking may cost to disturb smooth rescue operation during a time of emergency. Parking on the road, except a public parking lot and a parking space with a parking mater, is prohibited and could be a subject to penalty charge. There are many public parking lots for cars as well as bicycles in Akihabara area. Please check your nearest public parking lot from the web sites.
For cars: click here, For bicycles: click here


Within the model area, throwing away garbage, such as cans, on the street or in a public place is prohibited all day long. To keep our town clean, violation of this manner might cost as a fine of up to 20,000 yen. For now, 2,000 yen is usually charged as actual fine. To maintain our town clean and healthy, please pay attention to the decent manner.